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What type of reviews and or rankings will be removed?

Our site is based on genuine, legitimate consumer reviews. We reserve the right to remove or reject any reviews that contain any of the following:

  • Content that is indecent, profane, vulgar, defamatory, undermining, or unfair.
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  • Reviews or rankings that are incentivized.
  • Reviews left by people who haven't communicated and or dealt with the organization or services that the organization offers.
  • A review or ranking or whose score does not add up with its content (Example: A negative review with a score of 5).
  • Last names and information of individuals employed by the organization.
  • Content containing personal attacks of any of the accompanying: race, nationality, ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, or religion.
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We reserve the right to remove the last name of an employee or consumer from all reviews or rankings.

Who can write a Review or submit a ranking on our site?

We allow anyone who has had an experience with an organization or company listed on our site to leave a ranking or review to assist us in helping others make educated decisions. You do not need to register with us in order to leave a review.

How to report a review you might feel violates our guidelines for reviews.

In the event that you believe a review or ranking abuses our Guidelines For Reviews or Privacy Policy, it would be ideal if you let us know. Our Review Team will analyze your report request and take appropriate measures.

An organization may question or dispute reviews and rankings on their profile if they believe the content is misleading or inaccurate. In any case, physical proof must be given before we remove the review or ranking. We will only remove reviews or rankings proven to be inaccurate or misleading.

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